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Books and DVDs

If you’re into spring cleaning, then this is the season for you J. If you find books and DVDs you no longer want, please donate them to the Carnival. It’s a great way to recycle your novels and find new ones to read. BTW.. my husband does not allowed his Kurt Vonnegut to be donated, so we do realise there is an untouchable list J.

Lucky Bottles

Fill your jars with items you children would like to win and drop the filled jars into the Carnival Box in the Hall foyer or Helping Hands. Suggestions for your Lucky Jar: Coloured pencils • crayons • small activity pads • felt pens • beads with string or wire to make jewellery • marbles • pencil sharpeners and erasers • hair ribbons, scrunchies, 
clips • lollies • chocolates 
• bath crystals • lip gloss • nail polish • Lego pieces 
Whatever you can
think of!