The donations from this stock drive go directly to stocking up the stalls, such as the Drinks, Sweets and Lob a Choc. By using these donated items in these stalls we do not need to purchase the items and can provide other fun activities at the carnival for your children. Without these donations we cannot have these stalls on the day - and no one wins.

Donations can be taken to: School Hall -Kitchen

Monday                       8:15 - 9:15 am

Wednesday                2:30- 3:30pm 

Friday                         8:15-­‐ 9:15am 

Other Options:

if your children are in Helping Hands- they will be accepting donations any day of the week.

If you have donations and just need added help- please get in contact with a Carnival Team member so we can help. There are alternatives that we can work with you- like leaving it in the carnival box in the hall- with a count and which classroom to allocate it to. Just let us know with an email or text message 0412 330321- Stacy. So we can clear it fast to secure it.

Each donated item has points allocated. The more items members of a class bring in, the more points their class gets. The class with the most points wins a
pizza party.



Points System:

                                                                                                               1 Drink=                       1 point each

Drinks are canned soft drinks (branded), water and Juice.

                                                                                                               Mini Chocolates =         1 point each

                                                                                                               Chocolate Bars =          3 points each
                                                                                                               Block of Chocolates =   10 points each
                                                                                                               Lollies =                        10 points per bag

(Wrapped lollies – small redskins, fantales, chocolate eclairs, Natural Confectionary wrapped chews, minties, sherbets; and
Soft lollies – milk bottles snakes, strawberry & creams, raspberries, jelly  beans)

                                                                                                              Box of chocolates =             30 points